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We are the 90%

According to the most recent data on literacy in the United States, only 10 percent of adults have the knowledge and skills needed to understand important information about their health. Our access to health services and informed health decision-making are dependent on this information. So what about the other 90 percent?

We all want – and deserve – plain language information about our health! More than 3 out of 4 adults have looked for health or medical information. And 8 in 10 Internet users have searched for health information online. Imagine if all of these searches resulted in clear, actionable information – information that could be used in everyday life.

At CommunicateHealth, we are committed to creating health information that is easy to access, understand, and use – for everyone. Check out our latest infographic below for more information.

We are the 90%!


Please feel free to share and print the Health Literacy Infographic

It’s meant to be shared! We just ask that we are credited (but our name is already on the infographic itself, so that shouldn’t be an issue).

If you’d like to print it as a poster, download an 11×17 version here: 11×17 Health Literacy Infographic (.pdf, 188 KB) If you put up a poster in your office or space, feel free to send us a picture, we would love to see it in place!

If you’d like to use the graphics as PowerPoint slides, you can download images separated into four sections here: Health Literacy Infographic slides (.zip with .png files, 561 KB)



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