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CommunicateHealth Heads to the Hill for Health Ed

The latest sequestration drama didn’t stop more than 250 health educators from gathering in Washington, D.C. to advocate for health education at the 16th Annual Health Education Advocacy Summit. The Summit is hosted by the Coalition for National Health Education Organizations, which represents over 35,000 health education professionals.

Two days of training and workshops helped rookie advocators sharpen their talking points, particularly about this year’s priority areas: prevention, health equity, and school health. The training and workshops emphasized techniques for clearly communicating with legislators about these complex health issues — like bringing actionable requests to legislative visits, and using testimonials and stories to explain how public health affects communities across the country.

On Monday, March 4, we took those actionable requests, stories, and plenty of data to our legislators on Capitol Hill. The entire event was inspiring and motivating.

Want to do some advocating on your own? Check out a few of the countless resources shared at the Summit, and follow @SOPHEtweets to stay up to date on health education advocacy all year long.

PS – We want to give a huge shout-out to the folks at the Society for Public Health Educators, as well as the other Coalition members. Their staff did an awesome job of coordinating over 150 visits to the Hill.



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