Frequently Asked Question: Should my site use audience-based navigation?

A doodle stands on a stage, and a group of doodles stands around it. One doodle in the crowd says, "Where would I go?" and another says, "But...who am I?" The doodle on stage points at the crowd and says "YOU get a navigation, and YOU get a navigation!"

Here at We ❤︎ Health Literacy Headquarters, one question we get over and over again is: Should my site use topic-based or audience-based navigation? Let’s back up for a minute and review the basics. Topic-based navigation is when a site is organized into sections based on different topics or user tasks — like Audience-based […]

Reinventing the Health Brochure

Picture of oksbo brochures developed by Marcella

This post was written by Marcella Felde, a CommunicateHealth friend and fellow advocate for health + design. Marcella is currently a Managing Editor at Oksbo and working at the Maranyundo Girls School in Rwanda. At a health clinic, in Save, Rwanda, I sat with Sister Catherine, an A4 sheet of paper, and a folding bone. […]

#inspirehealth: CommunicateHealth at NCHCMM 2013 Part 1

This post was written by Perrie Briskin. Last week we traveled to Atlanta to attend and present at the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media (NCHCMM). It was 3 days of invigorating talks that made us proud to be health communicators. Presentation topics ranged from case studies on recent government health campaigns to […]