Reinventing the Health Brochure

Picture of oksbo brochures developed by Marcella

This post was written by Marcella Felde, a CommunicateHealth friend and fellow advocate for health + design. Marcella is currently a Managing Editor at Oksbo and working at the Maranyundo Girls School in Rwanda. At a health clinic, in Save, Rwanda, I sat with Sister Catherine, an A4 sheet of paper, and a folding bone. […]

Show Don’t Tell

Image of body maps to show emotions

This post was written by CH alum, Amy Behrens.  If someone is seeking mental health treatment, could it be more helpful to ask where it hurts than to ask how the person is feeling? According to new research on emotions, it might be. A group of researcher asked study participants to show them where they […]

UXPA 2013 Part 1: User Experience Design and Health

UXPA 2013 conference logo

This post was written by our Usability Intern, Kathleen Parkes. At CommunicateHealth, we think a lot about our users. From patients to consumers to professionals, we figure out their unique set of needs while keeping in mind their daily lives, abilities, and circumstances. This may sound straightforward, but just like people themselves, the process is […]

I’m a health tracker!

Image of fitbit one — a small black clip-on device to measure activity levels

This post was written by Caroline Conena.  In January, I wrote my first blog on tracking your health. In May, I opened a package with a Fitbit One™ tracking device. Coincidence? Did Fitbit — a company devoted to helping people lead healthier, more active lives — read my previous post and send me swag? No, […]

Solving Local Problems at Hack for Western Mass

This post was written by Molly McLeod.  Last fall, when we organized the first-ever Health Literacy Hackathon in Western Massachusetts, we knew we were onto something pretty amazing. In just 24 hours, teams collaborated to create innovative tools to help people understand and use health information. The word “hacking” sometimes has a negative connotation. But to us, […]