Communicating in an Emergency

A doodle with a clipboard says "Plain language edit? Fact sheets? Infographics? First aid?" as an assembled group of doodles replies "Check!" "Yup" "Got 'em" and "Si"

This year’s hurricane season has been pretty brutal so far. Parts of the United States and the Caribbean are just beginning their recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. And that leaves many of us wondering how we can take action, either personally or professionally. As health communicators, we have a unique responsibility […]

Testing Techniques Part 9: In-Depth Interviews

'Health Lit Live' talk show host Doug asks a guest with cat head: "Tell me every single thing you've ever known about cat head..."

For our latest installment on testing techniques, we’re talking about in-depth interviews, or IDIs. We ❤︎ interviewing because it’s an effective, versatile, and affordable way to get great feedback on health materials, messages, or tools. What is an in-depth interview? It’s simply a one-on-one conversation between a moderator and a participant. Interviews usually take an hour […]

Frequently Asked Question: What’s the deal with “layperson”?

A doodle asks a person who's lying down, "Whatcha doin' down there, Claire?" The person replies, "Well, I just found out I'm a layperson, so..."

This week, we’re thrilled to add to our frequently asked question series by answering a great question that came from one of our regular readers: What do you think of the term “layperson”? (The context here, in case you’re wondering, is the difference between a health care professional and a consumer.) You may not be […]

For Healthier Plain Language, Skip “Healthful”

2 doodles yell "The power of healthy compels you!" to a ghost with "healthful" written on it, while another opens a "Health Comm KIt".

As much as we ❤︎ the English language, dear readers, we also feel haunted by the vague, archaic, jargon-y, and generally unhelpful words that often sneak into health communication. (You may recall our rants about exceeding preventable substances. Well, not quite — but you get us.) The ghost we want to exorcise today? “Healthful.” Shudder. Some […]