The Whole Story of Health

Narrative Medicine by Rita Charon

“I’m your doctor and you’re my patient — and in order to help you I need to know a great deal about your body, your health, and your life.” This is how Dr. Rita Charon, literary scholar, internist, and founder of the Narrative Medicine Master’s Program at Columbia University, starts every visit with new patients. […]

Tell me a story, not statistics.

A person with a small cat on their head speaks to a group of people with cat-head, saying "I know it's hard to use the cat head shampoo every day, but it's worth it."

When we talk about storytelling in public health, we mean bolstering your campaign or intervention using personal stories of real people who have dealt with a health issue or condition. And there are many reasons to use storytelling to support your health messages. Research has shown that storytelling improves people’s self-efficacy to make important changes to their […]