Communicating in an Emergency

A doodle with a clipboard says "Plain language edit? Fact sheets? Infographics? First aid?" as an assembled group of doodles replies "Check!" "Yup" "Got 'em" and "Si"

This year’s hurricane season has been pretty brutal so far. Parts of the United States and the Caribbean are just beginning their recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. And that leaves many of us wondering how we can take action, either personally or professionally. As health communicators, we have a unique responsibility […]

How do you explain a deductible… in plain language?

Word deductible in large letters.

With the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace on October 1, millions of Americans must quickly learn a foreign language: health insurance speak. Many of these words and concepts are very complicated and technical. The trickiest ones have no simple plain language alternatives. Take the word “deductible.” It’s not an intuitive word, and it’s specific to two […]

Other Things We ❤:

This week, we wanted to share one of our favorite online resources: is the federal government’s leading resource for free user experience (UX) resources, including guidelines, tips, and tools to help you make content easier to use. So, why are we talking about usability in We ❤ Health Literacy? Because health literacy isn’t just […]