A Tale of 2 Formats: PDF vs. Webpage

Video game with a PDF battling a webpage. The webpage is throwing a fireball at the PDF and winning 45 to 5.

So you’ve decided to put your super awesome, totally health-literate material on the web so it’s available to internet users everywhere. Wahoo! Now you have to choose a format, and it really boils down to 2 options: webpage or PDF. What’s a health writer to do? Let’s discuss! Webpages At We ❤︎ Health Literacy Headquarters, we generally […]

Testing Techniques Part 4: Online Surveys

Illustration of a "Survey Survey" with the question "Is your survey plain language?" and a 10-point scale from "Nu-uh!" to "Ehh..." to "Yes" (selected), with a game show host pointing to it and saying "Survey sa..." with several unimpressed onlookers.

Online surveys can be great tools for learning about your audience, but it’s important to create them carefully to get the information you want — especially if your audience has limited literacy skills. Whether you’re using existing survey questions or creating new ones, plain language and clear design principles apply (surely this is not surprising, […]

Health Literacy Online Gets an Update We ❤

Illustration of stick figures swooning over a phone with Health Literacy Online on it.

It’s a very exciting week in health literacy land, dear readers! One of our all-time favorite resources has been updated to include the very latest in best practices of user-centered design, usability, and health literacy. That’s right, the second edition of Health Literacy Online is here! This research-based guide has practical tips for creating easy-to-use health websites and digital […]

Testing Techniques Part 3: Testing Print Materials

Illustration of one document telling another "I think it's time to get tested."

As you know, dear reader, we’re a little obsessed with making online health information understandable and easy to find. That’s why we’ve already shared 2 of our favorite testing methods for web and mobile: Card sorting and tree testing. Even though technology gets us excited, there’s another medium we just can’t quit: Good, old-fashioned paper. Think of how […]