Frequently Asked Question: What’s the deal with “layperson”?

A doodle asks a person who's lying down, "Whatcha doin' down there, Claire?" The person replies, "Well, I just found out I'm a layperson, so..."

This week, we’re thrilled to add to our frequently asked question series by answering a great question that came from one of our regular readers: What do you think of the term “layperson”? (The context here, in case you’re wondering, is the difference between a health care professional and a consumer.) You may not be […]

Sketch-y Ideas

A writer hands a sketch to a designer, who responds "For me?! It's like a dream come true!"

Here at We ❤︎ Health Literacy Headquarters, we’re big fans of a team approach to creating great health communication products. Each member of the team — writers, designers, researchers, user experience wizards — brings their own skills, perspective, expertise, and approach. And as countless children’s television shows and popular board games teach us, teams need […]

For Healthier Plain Language, Skip “Healthful”

2 doodles yell "The power of healthy compels you!" to a ghost with "healthful" written on it, while another opens a "Health Comm KIt".

As much as we ❤︎ the English language, dear readers, we also feel haunted by the vague, archaic, jargon-y, and generally unhelpful words that often sneak into health communication. (You may recall our rants about exceeding preventable substances. Well, not quite — but you get us.) The ghost we want to exorcise today? “Healthful.” Shudder. Some […]