Design Thinking

Design thinking puts an emphasis on empathy (which is why we love it so much!). When you start with empathy, you can gain insight to your user’s world. This unveils potential usability or design problems and lets you create a product with a great user experience. Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology for human-centered innovations, […]

Inspiration and Innovation at UPA Boston’s 11th Annual Usability & User Experience Conference

How can organizations better involve clients in the design process? Are formal written reports the best way to communicate usability test findings? How can we engage new users in mobile and Web-based games for behavior change? These were a few of the questions that were explored at the 2012 UPA Boston Conference. UPA 2012 allowed […]

Day Two of Innovation at DHCX

Before we give our highlights from Day Two of the Digital Health Communication Extravaganza, let’s add our voice to the chorus of attendees who were provoked by Sekou Andrews’ performative speech that closed Day One! Deeply touching (and amusing!), it was a superb example of using storytelling to talk about complex problems and solutions — […]

The Social Life of Health Information

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This post was written by CH alum, Amy Behrens.  The report from Susannah Fox at the Pew Internet & American Life Project, The Social Life of Health Information, 2011, is a treasure trove of data for public health and health communication professionals. The report investigates the online health-seeking behaviors of adults in the U.S. There […]

Universal Precautions: Prescription Label Changes

Pharmacist filling a prescription bottle

Prescription labels can be a major source of confusion for the 48% of Americans taking prescription medications every month. That’s why we would like to applaud the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) for proposing new standards for all prescription labels in the U.S. The standards draw heavily from best practices in health literacy and user-centered design. Currently, […]

Doctor vs. Computer

Doctor sitting at a computer

This post was written by CH alum, Amy Behrens.  Dr. Danille Ofri writes about her experience using electronic medical records for the New York Times. After reading her story, we couldn’t help but think how the small investments in user-centered design research would have big payoffs in healthcare quality, and would improve the experience of […]

A Teaspoon or Tablespoon of Prevention?

Liquid medicine bottle

A new study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) calls attention to the difficulties parents have giving the proper dose of medication to their child. The study looked at over-the-counter medications that came packaged with a measuring device.  Out of 148 medications included in the study, 146 of them had inconsistencies […]

Building a Better Pill Bottle

GlowCap pill bottle

In a fascinating blog post on, David Rose talks about how packaging can influence health behavior. He gives us a few examples, like the circular bubble pack dispenser introduced in the 1960s to help women remember to take their birth control pills. Or toothbrush bristles that change colors when it’s time for a new […]