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Harnessing Clinical Alerts for Consumers

How can we harness the potential of healthcare analytics to deliver tailored messages to patients?

The CommunicateHealth team partnered with Anvita Health, a private healthcare analytics company, to translate 1,000 unique clinical alerts into plain language messages for consumers.

In order to accomplish this task, CommunicateHealth identified the essential components of a consumer message, drawing from the Health Belief Model, the Theory of Reasoned Action, and lessons learned from previous formative research with consumers. Each message included:

  • Context to explain why the patient is getting the message (“We noticed you are taking prescription pills to help you sleep.”)
  • Recommendation or alert (“Because you have sleep apnea, this type of medicine might not be the best choice for you.”)
  • Action step (“Talk with your doctor about safe medicines to help you sleep.”)

Client: Anvita Health