No Semicolons Allowed

Illustration of No Semicolons Allowed

Many of us behind We ❤ Health Literacy also ❤ the semicolon. If prompted, we might even gush about its unique and graceful qualities. So it’s with a heavy heart that we must declare — once and for all — that the semicolon has no place in plain language communication. Here’s why. First, many people don’t use the semicolon properly, … Continue reading

CH Team Member by Day…

The Not Ready for Bedtime Players

Providing diverse communities with clear and accessible health information is one my greatest passions. Since joining the team at CommunicateHealth, I’ve realized even more the extent of my interest for empowering people to make healthy choices through effective health communication. And that’s why I decided I wanted to continue this work — even after the … Continue reading

Other Things We ❤: The Calgary Charter on Health Literacy

Illustration of person with the Calgary Charter on Health Literacy

We know that you all ❤ health literacy. You probably have some serious health literacy skills, too. But where did you get the ability to understand health information? Did someone teach you that skill? In 2008, The Centre for Literacy hosted a summit in Montreal that set out to redefine health literacy, create curricula, and … Continue reading

SCOTUS Sides with Hobby Lobby Against Women

Supreme Court

Mondays always have the CommunicateHealth team buzzing around, getting a handle on the start to another busy week. Yesterday, many of us did so a little less cheerfully after hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling that Hobby Lobby’s religious beliefs allow them to opt out of covering certain forms of contraception for employees. And yes, that’s … Continue reading