Focusing on the User with UXPAdc

Photo of a presenter at UXPAdc

Two CH staffers recently attended UserFocus 2014, the annual meeting of the Washington, DC Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPAdc). Local UX professionals exchanged best practices, lessons learned, and peanut butter cups! Our two big takeaways are: 1. Usability Testing ≠ $$$ When faced with a small budget for usability testing (or even … Continue reading

Report from AMWA: Medical Writing, Plain Language, and More!

Mary Ann and Kat presenting at AMWA 2014.

Recently, 3 of us attended the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) conference in Memphis, TN. In between visits to Graceland and tastes of bourbon, we shared our tips and tricks for creating stellar online health content with an enthusiastic audience of writers, content managers, and clinicians. It was great to hear about the efforts they’re … Continue reading

The Western Massachusetts Health Equity Summit: Performance and Public Health

Western Massachusetts Health Equity Summit

Lately, I feel most inspired by projects that combine my interest in the arts with my work in public health. Last week, I had the chance to speak about the connection between them at the first-ever Western Massachusetts Health Equity Summit. The Health Equity Summit brought together public health professionals and community members with the … Continue reading

Vote for us!

Illustration of stick figure holding a sign that says "Vote For Us!"

We really hate to do this, but we’re asking for your help. We know, we know — your Facebook and Twitter feeds are already flooded with similar demands. “Like” this, retweet that, gimme money for my poorly-conceived Kickstarter, and so on. But we swear, this is different — a project that anyone committed to health … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Question: How do I punctuate a bulleted list?


As bulleted list enthusiasts, we often get asked about how to punctuate them. Style guides are all over the place on this issue, but we like to keep it simple (no surprise there). That’s why our answer is: Whenever possible, don’t punctuate bullets in consumer health materials. If you have a list of things or incomplete sentences, … Continue reading

New Metrics for New Ways of Doing Business

New Metrics Conference

Last week’s New Metrics ’14 conference presented by Sustainable Brands and MIT Sloan School of Management brought together top innovators in sustainable business. For 3 days, I joined their conversation and can confirm that the sustainability movement has taken off — and there’s no going back. Sustainable businesses focus on long-term economic success, environmental impact, and social … Continue reading