We Are the (Health Literacy) Champions

Excited doodles stand in a line to receive "Health Lit Champ" t-shirts.

It’s abundantly clear at this point, dear readers, that the reason we get along so well is that we have a lot in common. We’re all a bunch of health literacy lovers with passionate feelings about things like white space, plain language, and user testing. In short, we’re the coolest. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our … Continue reading

Social Media Part 1: We ❤︎ Blogs

A Blog icon sits in a chair saying "Back in my day, us Internet Weblogs could make posts that were 10 miles long, in the snow, up hill both ways, not like you young whippersnappers these days, what with..." as multiple small social media icons play on the floor.

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are getting their information from social media. And as you know, dear readers, it’s part of our job as health communicators to meet folks where they’re at. Different forms of social media have different strengths, and we’ll talk about that in future installments of our social media … Continue reading

A Tale of 2 Formats: PDF vs. Webpage

Video game with a PDF battling a webpage. The webpage is throwing a fireball at the PDF and winning 45 to 5.

So you’ve decided to put your super awesome, totally health-literate material on the web so it’s available to internet users everywhere. Wahoo! Now you have to choose a format, and it really boils down to 2 options: webpage or PDF. What’s a health writer to do? Let’s discuss! Webpages At We ❤︎ Health Literacy Headquarters, we generally … Continue reading

Listen Up!


It’s not exactly news that it’s hard to be a woman in a male-dominated workplace. Women’s opinions and ideas can go unheard in meetings and other professional contexts — and often, even well-meaning men just don’t notice. An article that recently caught our eye in New York Magazine’s The Cut shares how one group of women … Continue reading

Beyond Pink and Blue

Executive at a marketing meeting presents "Houseplants....for HIM!", a potted plant wearing a tie and lifting weights, with footballs and soccer balls for leaves, as other marketing executives look on in speechless disbelief.

This week, dear readers, we’re tackling a topic that often comes up in our work: gender and design. Of course, designs don’t actually have genders, but gender is a powerful concept in our culture — and we tend to interpret various design elements as masculine or feminine. Marketers are especially fond of gender-specific product designs … Continue reading