The Perfect Thanksgiving Recipe

Illustration of stick figure in a chef's hat and "I

It’s that time of year again! A time to give thanks, share gratitude — and, of course, eat a nice slice of pumpkin pie. We’re incredibly thankful here at CommunicateHealth today (and every day) for you, our dear readers. Last year, we gave you tips to show off your health communicator skills at the Thanksgiving table. This year, we’ve … Continue reading

The New and Improved CommunicateHealth Glossary

Illustration of stick figure stand-up comedian saying "Now THAT'S what I call...GLOSSY!" while the audience groans and boos.

Here at We ❤ Health Literacy headquarters, we use plain language whenever we can — from our vacation policy to the signs in our office kitchen. But as you know by now, dear readers, we can’t avoid jargon altogether. Every field has its share of need-to-know terms, and health communication is no exception. So what’s a company of … Continue reading

Health Literacy Online Gets an Update We ❤

Illustration of stick figures swooning over a phone with Health Literacy Online on it.

It’s a very exciting week in health literacy land, dear readers! One of our all-time favorite resources has been updated to include the very latest in best practices of user-centered design, usability, and health literacy. That’s right, the second edition of Health Literacy Online is here! This research-based guide has practical tips for creating easy-to-use health websites and digital … Continue reading

Use Zombies to Fight the Passive Voice

Illustration of stick figure zombies in a graveyard saying "use active voice", surrounded by tombstones that say "Here was laid passive voice" and "Horby Parker: Taken too soon by grammatical ambiguity."

Write in the active voice, not the passive! You’ve probably heard this advice from some wise communicator types before — you know, like us. But how can you tell whether a sentence is active or passive? “If only there were a simple test,” you think to yourself. “Ideally, one with a seasonally appropriate spooky theme.” Well, dear readers, have we … Continue reading

Your New Friend SAM


We’ve posted before about how writing in plain language leads to readability — and that readability measures alone can’t tell you the effectiveness of a health communication material. But there are tools that can get you a lot closer to creating health education products that will work for your target audience. Earlier this month, we discussed the CDC Clear Communication … Continue reading

Infographics 101

Illustration of stick figure holding lots of papers saying "I must let people know ALL THE DATA" and 2nd stick figure saying "Somebody get this doodle an infographic, quick!"

Infographics are all the rage lately — and it’s easy to see why. Their visual appeal makes them 30 times more likely to be read compared to text articles. Plus, information that’s presented visually is easier to understand and remember. What’s not to ❤? Creating infographics is a great way to get your audience’s attention … Continue reading

Health Lit Live with Dr. Cynthia Baur

Illustration of stick figure hosting the talk show "Health Lit Live!" with Dr. Cynthia Baur as a guest.

In honor of Health Literacy Month, We ❤ Health Literacy is kicking off a new series of interviews with the movers and shakers on the health literacy scene — “Health Lit Live.” In our very first installment, our imaginary host Doug Doodleman raps with Dr. Cynthia Baur about the CDC Clear Communication Index, which she helped develop. Dr. Baur is a … Continue reading

Happy Health Literacy Month!

Illustration of stick figures celebrating with Halloween decorations and a pumpkin spice latte by a sign that says "Health Literacy Month"

It’s October, dear readers: Time to enjoy the fall colors, go apple picking, add pumpkin spice to everything you eat — and celebrate Health Literacy Month! Of course, every month is Health Literacy Month here at We ❤ Health Literacy headquarters. But we’ll jump at any excuse to spread the word, so this week we’re sharing a roundup of … Continue reading

You Can Do It: Making Negative Messages Positive

Illustration of stick figures holding signs that say "keep it positive!"

When it comes to health content, tone matters. We always aim for a friendly, conversational tone that feels helpful and accessible to our readers. A big part of clinching that tone is making sure we’re framing messages positively — after all, the goal is to inspire people to change their health behaviors for good (yay!). Some content … Continue reading