Why “Lifestyle Changes” Is the Wrong Choice (for Health Communicators)

Illustration of man on stilts saying "It's not a lifestyle change! It's a pair of stilts!"

Sure, everyone has a vague sense of what “lifestyle changes” means. You know, eating better, exercising, and, uh, other healthy stuff. But when you’re trying to communicate health recommendations, vague isn’t good enough. People need to know the specifics about what will help them improve their lives, not fuzzy advice to “do healthy things.” Here’s … Continue reading

2014 Health Literacy Events

Illustration of people at a health literacy mixer.

As health literacy becomes a national priority, more organizations are bringing health literacy advocates together under one roof. Health literacy events and conferences are great opportunities to meet in person, swap resources, and share strategies. Here are just a few of our favorite health literacy events coming up this year: Institute for Healthcare Advancement Health Literacy Conference … Continue reading