Happy Health Literacy Month!

Illustration of stick figures celebrating with Halloween decorations and a pumpkin spice latte by a sign that says "Health Literacy Month"

It’s October, dear readers: Time to enjoy the fall colors, go apple picking, add pumpkin spice to everything you eat — and celebrate Health Literacy Month! Of course, every month is Health Literacy Month here at We ❤ Health Literacy headquarters. But we’ll jump at any excuse to spread the word, so this week we’re sharing a roundup of … Continue reading

You Can Do It: Making Negative Messages Positive

Illustration of stick figures holding signs that say "keep it positive!"

When it comes to health content, tone matters. We always aim for a friendly, conversational tone that feels helpful and accessible to our readers. A big part of clinching that tone is making sure we’re framing messages positively — after all, the goal is to inspire people to change their health behaviors for good (yay!). Some content … Continue reading

Testing Techniques Part 3: Testing Print Materials

Illustration of one document telling another "I think it's time to get tested."

As you know, dear reader, we’re a little obsessed with making online health information understandable and easy to find. That’s why we’ve already shared 2 of our favorite testing methods for web and mobile: Card sorting and tree testing. Even though technology gets us excited, there’s another medium we just can’t quit: Good, old-fashioned paper. Think of how … Continue reading

Book Club: Voices in the Band

Illustration of stick figure under a tree reading "Voices in the Band"

If you want an engrossing book with colorful characters that’s also filled with medical details to feed your inner health nerd, look no further than Susan C. Ball’s Voices in the Band. Part memoir and part history, it chronicles Dr. Ball’s experiences treating patients with AIDS at the Center for Special Studies at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. … Continue reading

Other Things We ❤: Plugins

Illustration of stick figure with a giant electrical plug saying "Here you go, my sweet, sweet browser!" to an upset computer saying "It doesn't work this way!"

Today we’re going to tell you about something we really ❤: Plugins (also known as plug-ins, add-ons, or extensions). To be clear, we’re not talking about air fresheners, but rather tiny tools that enhance your web browser. Plugins can help you create better websites for your users — and you know we really, really ❤ that. So if you haven’t … Continue reading

Are you ready to shape the future of health communication?

The Society for Health Communication logo

It’s official: The Society for Health Communication has launched! The Society is the first professional, member-driven organization to bring together health communication practitioners, students, and scholars from diverse backgrounds — including government, industry, nonprofits, and academia. Maybe even YOU. The Society will serve as a place for all health communication professionals to generate and share best practices … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Question: How do I explain “clinical trials”?


If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly reading up on the latest research in public health and medicine, and you understand the connections between health messages and the research behind them. But your readers, dear readers, may not — which leads us to this week’s topic. You asked, we answer: How do I talk about … Continue reading