How to Stop (the Use of) “Dehydration”

Illustration of person sitting in small inflatable pool, drinking from a hose.

With summer around the corner, it’ll soon be time for things like picnics, long strolls in the park, and… helping people prevent dehydration. So here’s another installment of “Complicated health terms: When to skip them, when to teach them.” As health educators, we often have to decide if a complex medical term is essential to … Continue reading

Self-Care: Balancing Motivation with Skill

Evolving understanding of self-care among individuals

Proactively engaging in self-care is one of the most important aspects of promoting and improving one’s overall health. Self-care can range from planning a diet or exercise routine to tracking weight or blood pressure over time. Ipsos (a global market research company) — along with the National Council on Patient Information and Education and Pfizer … Continue reading

It’s time to cut the clip art!

Illustration of "Doodle Family Gazette" with clip art

In our previous installments on bad visuals, we talked about the perils of bad stock photos and nonsensical infographics. Now we’re focusing on a specific type of graphic — clip art. Remember these guys?                These little cartoons used to be on everything from government websites to diner menus. And though clip … Continue reading