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CommunicateHealth Wins National 2011 ClearMark Award!

This post was written by CH alum, Amy Behrens. 

EClearMark Award logoach year, the Center for Plain Language acknowledges the hard work it takes to create easy-to-understand materials and Web sites.

This year, our work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Environmental Health on Lead Poisoning: Words to Know from A to Z [select pages (PDF)] was awarded the ClearMark for Original Document: Public Sector. The international panel of judges highlighted its easy-to-read language and design, actionable information, and usefulness in everyday life.

And kudos to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), this year’s Grand Prize ClearMark winner—we just wish all tax forms were this clear!

Check out all the ClearMark Award winners.

And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll get a kick out of the WonderMark Award winners. According to the Center for Plain Language, “the WonderMark Awards are given for the least usable documents. The sort of documents that make us shake our heads and say: We wonder what they meant. We wonder what they were thinking.”



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