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CommunicateHealth Comes Out!


This month, CommunicateHealth is the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) “Member in the Spotlight.” (In case you were wondering: Yes, I am third-party certified as a lesbian.)

In addition to certifying LGBT businesses like CommunicateHealth, the folks at NGLCC do a terrific job advocating for greater economic opportunity for LGBT-owned and friendly businesses.  According to the NGLCC Web site, there are an estimated 1.2 million LGBT business owners in the United States. Apparently LGBT individuals are twice as likely as our heterosexual counterparts to own a small business or be self-employed. (So we’re gay AND crazy.)

Considering that small businesses are generating new jobs and contributing to the GDP in this tough economy, it’s safe to say that LGBT business owners are an economic force to be reckoned with – or for starters, acknowledged.

And so CommunicateHealth proudly stakes its claim in the “diverse” supply chain. Hats off to the NGLCC for all that you do on behalf of LGBT businesses.


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