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ZocDoc Recieves Another $25M in Funding

ZocDoc allows users to book doctors appointments online.

This post was written by Perrie Briskin.

It was announced last week that ZocDoc, the ‘OpenTable’ of doctor’s appointments, raised another $25 million in funding, bringing their total funding since launching in 2007 to an impressive $95 million.

Available in most major cities and rapidly expanding, ZocDoc allows you to book doctors appointments online. With a few clicks you can find a local doctor that takes your insurance and make an appointment for as soon as that day. Something so simple that is often such a headache.

The latest round of funding is well-deserved. Since it started, ZocDoc has been able to find success where most tech companies fall short – making a profit and revamping a lumbering, tired industry – in this case, healthcare.

It’s been said in TechCrunch that a big reason for ZocDoc’s ongoing prosperity is its user-focused site. While ZocDoc’s business runs on recruiting doctors into their system, their website speaks to its users first and foremost – it’s clean, easy-to-use, and, best of all, free. There are few, if any, barriers to entry that would cause a user to click away.

ZocDoc is a great example of good things happening to a good Web site, and behind that Web site a good company.

If ZocDoc isn’t in a city near you yet, with this new funding the wait shouldn’t be long.


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