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Gearing Up for UPA Boston

UPA Boston LogoThe regional chapter of the Usability Professionals’ Association in Boston – UPA Boston – is hosting its annual Usability and User Experience Conference this Monday, May 7th. We’re excited to attend once again and are busy putting the final touches on our presentation.

This conference is a unique opportunity for CommunicateHealth to highlight the intersection of usability and literacy as it relates to the research, design, and evaluation of the user experience of online products and services. We’re especially excited to present at our session, “Reader-centered Design for Health Communication,” because – unlike most of the conferences we’ve attended in the past – the UPA Boston event is not solely focused on health-related issues. We hope that through our presentation, we’ll bring issues of health literacy to the forefront for professionals from outside the health literacy field.

You can still register to attend this one-day conference. We’re looking forward to attending other sessions on innovative topics like:

  • Designing for People who Struggle with Reading and Attention
  • Delivering Results: How Do You Report User Research Findings?
  • Conducting a Summative Study of EHR Usability

We will also be blogging conference highlights following the event, so make sure to stop by again in the next few weeks to read up on the conference.


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