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Annals of Twitter: NCHCMM

conference graphicThis post was written by CH alum, Amy Behrens. 

Just back from CDC’s 5th annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media, we’ve got a lot on our minds — and in our Twitter feeds.

With Twitter appearing to reign supreme among the social media outlets, the conference hashtag (#hcmmconf) was trending all week with some of the most memorable sound bytes from 3 days of sessions on the very latest in health communication.

The turnout was inspiring on its own, with over 1,000 public health professionals in attendance and 1,100 more participating virtually through live streaming. In fact, it was the #1 trending topic on Twitter as of day 3 of the conference! (Twitter translation: @chiefmaven #hcmmconf over 1000 participants, 1100 virtual participants and #1 trending topic on twitter this am.)

This year’s theme was Inform, Inspire, Improve Health — and that’s certainly one we’re proud to stand behind at CommunicateHealth. It’s also a pretty effective way to sum up our most recent conference experience. Armed with information on the most innovative trends in health communication and inspired by our colleagues who care about this work as much as we do, we’re jumping right back into what we do best: improving health.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the week.

messages / marketing

  • @Iana_Simeonov Best quote of #hcmmconf: Public health has messages; people have lives. Know the difference. via @SocialBttrfly @chiefmaven
  • @mindofandre The media isn’t an obstacle. We need to make it part of the strategy/solutions to be proactive in #PublicHealth #HCMMconf ‏
  • @MaryAnnPetti Don’t call them your “target audience” – call them “your people”! #HCMMConf


  • @jgarrow There are more than 13,000 health apps for the iPhone. We don’t need more tools, we need more stories. Wow. #HCMMConf #publichealth
  • @aphlkim Storytelling has power. People remember stories, not data. #hcmmconf
  • @communicatehlth “Stories are facts with souls” & “stories are flight simulators for the brain”— Great quotes for selling storytelling #hcmmconf

social media

  • @GoHealthyPeople Social media is for more than promotion; it’s an opportunity to continue the conversation with your stakeholders. #HCMMCONF
  • @Sealya Just a friendly reminder – social media channels explained. #hcmmconf http://pic.twitter.com/r7EIxgY1
  • @kbird9 The digital divide is changing- social media use is high among minority populations. The problem is quality, not access to online health info #hcmmconf

wait, really?

  • @danamuses Still a stunning concept: Globally, more people have access to mobile phones than toothbrushes or roads says @Iana_Simeonov

and just because:

  • @CatherineJamal “Pizza is a sacred food. Never ever vilify pizza in your advertising.” #hcmmconf NatI Prev Media Initiative Session


Thanks to all who contributed to a fantastic conference this week. We look forward to next year.


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