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What’s hot in 2013: Our predictions

Smartphone with person entering their blood pressure dataLike many, the start of a new calendar has got us thinking: what will the big trends in health communication be this year? We have a few predictions to share — inspired by the “5 New Niches That Are Heating Up Fast” in the December/January issue of Inc. magazine.

  • Personalized health tracking apps will be all the rage.
    Obsessively tracking your health status can help you stay motivated and give you (and your healthcare provider) a better picture of your overall health. Plus, what’s more interesting than you?! Even cooler are apps that sync up with biometric data gathered from wireless devices like glucose meters and pedometers. (In full disclosure, we’ve been working with a great company doing just this, Hea!thrageous!) In addition to fitness fanatics, we predict health insurance providers will be embracing monitoring devices.
  • e-Learning will continue to grow.
    Health professionals and consumers alike will benefit from quick “classes” that help explain disease processes, prevention steps, and navigating the healthcare system. Health MOOC anyone?
  • The focus will be on prevention.
    With the Supreme Court giving the Affordable Care Act the green light, all of us at CommunicateHealth are anticipating a greater focus on disease prevention and health promotion from both the government and insurance companies. The key will be connecting consumers up with health plans and preventive service providers.
  • We will do anything for sleep.
    Sleep can be a potent medicine and is connected to the proper functioning of the entire body. There is a huge market in tracking and improving the quality of our ZZZs. We’ve been addressing sleep in a number of projects including healthfinder.gov and ResMed.
  • More organizations will realize the power of design in health education and healthcare.
    We love design and consider it an integral part of nearly every project we work on. Infographics will continue to explode and help educate the visual learners among us, and website design will continue to evolve along with baby boomer web users.

Can’t wait to see which predictions come true — Happy 2013!


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