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DHCX — A True Extravaganza

DHCX Conference

This post was written by Mary Ann Petti, MPH, CHES.

We’re back from this year’s Digital Health Communication Extravaganza (DHCX) in sunny Florida and we’re feeling excited, inspired, and ready to use what we’ve learned!

DHCX is a great place for CommunicateHealth to mix and mingle — in person and on Twitter — with the digital health cream of the crop. Jay Bernhardt, the conference visionary, kicked off the meeting with demographic information about the unique registration list.

215 registered attendees, 5 countries, 29 states, 50% .com, 21% .edu, 13% .org, & 8% .gov represented at @DHCXconf. Wooo hoooo! #dhcx ‏@alisonpilsner

The 2013 DHCX theme was “Converging Networks.” Talks ranged from social networks to mHealth to gaming to health startups.

Connect on similarities, benefit from differences, that’s where innovation happens.’ @orgnet … LOVE this!!! #dhcx – @CommunicateHlth

With 215 social media and digital health experts tweeting during the conference, the #DHCX Twitter hashtag was the place to be. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the week.

On mHealth:

  • Mobile health experiences need to be snackable: simple & quick.#dhcx – @valeriemdaniel
  • ‘We need to borrow theories from dynamic fields like physics and engineering with continuous changing data for #mHealth‘ – @audieatienza #dhcx – @MaryAnnPetti
  • 18,000 health apps – Massive # of apps – How do you stand out in that crowd? #dhcx – @thulcandrian
  • @WebMD‘s top mobile search term in 2012 is pregnancy. People are searching for personal, immediate, private issues on mobile. #dhcx – @kristenking

On social networks, communities, and social media:

On design principles and usability:

  • More often than not, poorly design tools contribute to user challenges #ux #dhcx – @CommunicateHlth
  • ‘If there’s not value in the product, despite the wow factor – it isn’t going to work.’ #DHCX – @CommunicateHlth
  • Jessica Hammer starts by discussing design principles. #Exactly. If you start with visuals, not principles, you’re in trouble. #dhcx @eedgerton
  • #Mobile first” and “#social first” are great starting points when designing a desktop website. #dhcx@alisonpilsner

A huge thank you to Jay Bernhardt, the University of Florida, and everyone who was involved with this conference. It was a very special group of thinkers (and doers!) — we will see you next year!

This is what happens when nerds grow up. They become incredible adults who do amazing things. #DHCX – @kristenking


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