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House of Cards — A Data-Driven Experience

This post was written by Mary Ann Petti, MPH, CHES.

When one of the CommunicateHealth co-founders told us she watched an entire TV series in one weekend, we knew it had to be good. You see, as the head of a growing company, Stacy rarely has extra time for TV — perhaps an occasional West Wing rerun, but not 13 straight hours. Turns out she was watching House of Cards, Netflix’s new original series.

I gave it a try and was quickly consumed by the show. Coincidence? Maybe not.

After doing some research, it turns out that House of Cards is a data-driven experience. The show is based on 3 key pieces of data about Netflix viewers:

Execs knew before they even released the show that it would be a success — all because they did their user research!

At CommunicateHealth, we love this for a few reasons:

  • We’re total data geeks
  • We’re user-research crusaders
  • We love a good Venn diagram, like this one from the New York Times explaining the series

This isn’t a new idea — media companies have always done tons of audience research, but what makes House of Cards truly unique is the Netflix data bank. It could be argued that no one knows more about its customers than Netflix.

So I ask you — who is the Netflix of public health? And how do we create our House of Cards?


Read more about House of Cards in this great NYT article.


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  1. Mary Ann -what a terrifically creative way to think about your agency’s mission. The concept is so exciting and innovative and I can’t wait to watch House of Cards.


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