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CommunicateHealth at the 2013 Healthcare Experience Design Conference

This post was written by Molly McLeod.

Last week, Sandy, Ana and I joined hundreds of other designers, user experience experts, and patient advocates at the Healthcare Experience Design Conference. We heard from speakers on a range of topics, from behavior-changing games to the healthy workplace of the future.

Sandy and I presented on reader-centered design, focusing on involving individuals with limited literacy in the user-centered design process and improving web readability with typography. Not to brag, but we got a lot of positive feedback on our practical, actionable tips.

You can view our presentation online, and soon a video of the presentation will be available.

Nearly 3,000 tweets with the #hxd2013 hashtag were posted throughout the conference, here are a few of our favorites:

On health and design:

MobiHealthNews ‏@MobiHealthNews: @AmyCueva at #hxd2013 emphasizing the role of research in health design: commission, share, use, and do research.

Mike Miliard ‏@MikeMiliardHITN: McDaniel: “enormous potential to bring designers in” to healthcare…”raising the design bar is super important” for better care. #hxd2013

Richard Anderson ‏@Riander: “Design should not sit on top of medicine; UX is medicine” @jamie_heywood of http://PatientsLikeMe.com  #hxd2013

On behavior change:

Jane McGonigal @avantgame: I believe game design will do more good than pharmaceuticals in next century to treat anxiety pain and depression #hxd2013

Marie Connelly ‏@marieconnelly: Nice point from @nireyal, “Habits aren’t created, they’re built.” Echoing @avantgame‘s great keynote. #hxd2013

bacigalupe ‏@bacigalupe: The holy grail of health design is in the slow health behavior changes that are kept through time. @KPhealthyfun #hxd2013

Ctr Connected Health ‏@connectedhealth: #hxd2013 also key to behavior change: find a patient’s passion and celebrate their success – @SobelDavid

Chris Hass ‏@chrishass: What I learned today: More than sympathy, patients want to be empowered. #HXD2013

On personal wellbeing:

CommunicateHealth@CommunicateHlth: Your physical experience will always color your emotional experience… so get more sleep! #hxd2013 #happinessproject #afternoonkeynote

Jill Spaeth@innerspaeth: If we’re going to design for health, we need to make it more fun and easier to use! Via @KPhealthyfun #hxd2013

Rodrigo Martinez@RodrigoATCG‘Most traditional healthcare encounters target failures & gaps – we can’t forget the power of celebration!’ @sobeldavid @kpthrive #hxd2013

Thanks to Mad*Pow for organizing such an engaging conference. Seeing so many folks passionate about creating better health experiences gives me hope!


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