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Gearing up for IHA’s Health Literacy Conference

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This post was written by Mary Ann Petti, MPH, CHES.

We’ve been getting a lot of miles out of our blazers this spring as we present at health education and usability conferences across the U.S. One of our favorite conferences is coming up, IHA’s Annual Health Literacy Conference in California on May 8 through 10. The conference brings together clinicians, educators, researchers, policymakers, and interested others to explore health literacy issues and implications.

Stacy and Xanthi are giving a presentation, “Designing for Health: What Every Health Professional Needs to Know.” If you want to learn more about the impact of visual design on human perception, motivation, comprehension, and decision-making in an interactive format, this is the place to be.

IHA’s Health Literacy Conference is still open for registration — hope to see you there!



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