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It’s Easy Bein’ Green (If Your City Is Built That Way)

Northampton Bikeway, Northampton MA

The CommunicateHealth conference room was recently the scene of a live webcast of TedMed, a conference of innovative ideas about health and healthcare. One of the speakers was Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett, who spoke about his city’s move from one of the “fattest” cities in the country to one of the “fittest.”

What we liked best about Mayor Cornett’s speech was that he highlighted a two-part approach to fitness and health. One is the individual action of getting more exercise. The other happens on the community level. For example, a temporary sales tax increase is funding new sidewalks and other infrastructure to improve quality of life in Oklahoma City.

At CommunicateHealth’s Northampton office, we are lucky to live and work in a “green” city. It’s clear that many good-for-the-earth activities — picking up trash by bicycle, eating locally grown veggies — are also good for our health.

Thanks to our city’s pedestrian-friendly design, 14% of Northampton’s workforce walks to work. At CommunicateHealth, we’re even ahead of the curve! Here in the Northampton office, 36% of us regularly walk to work (and 18% regularly bike). And now that spring is here, being green is even easier.

So dust off your bicycle, or get out and use those sidewalks! Here’s to your health.

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  1. Walter said

    One of my criteria for a place to retire is that I can walk rather than drive to do my daily errands and where pedestrians aren’t an afterthought to automobiles.


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