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Nielsen Norman Group Report Showcases CH Show Me App

Image of iPhone screen displaying the "Type of Emergency" screen of the Show Me appWe are thrilled that the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) — experts in evidence-based user experience research — chose to highlight our app as one of nine case studies in their latest report, Enterprise Mobile Showcase. (She says as she *jumps with joy!*)

This whopper of a report was just published on Monday. Although it’s not fully available for free, you can read a summary of its overall research findings in Jakob Nielsen’s most recent Alertbox Article.

The report highlights CommunicateHealth’s work designing and developing the Show Me app for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) Emergency Preparedness Bureau (EPB). Show Me is a mobile tool that facilitates communication between public health professionals and people with communication challenges in four emergency situations (shelter, evacuate, shelter in place, and dispensing site). It helps first responders communicate with people who have hearing impairments, limited English proficiency, or cognitive delays through icon-driven communication.

We took a user-centered design approach to developing Show Me, which included multiple rounds of testing with our user populations. The NN/g report details our lessons learned, and we’re hopeful the information will help others add the “user-centered” piece to their designs.

Check out our demo video, showing how the app works. Also, the app is on its way to the Apple and Google Play marketplaces, so look for another excited post from me when that happens!

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