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Think about empty space.

Illustration of person with an empty think bubble above their head.In Episode 3 of our space series, we want you to think about empty space. And no, it isn’t an instruction for a philosophy class or your latest meditation — it’s an instruction for writing health information. When you’re developing health content, think about the space it will occupy ahead of time.

It’s like furniture shopping. You need to know the size of your apartment before you purchase that oversized La-Z-Boy sofa set.

For example:

  • If you’re creating a mobile website, make your navigation labels short but descriptive. Your users want to know what’s in that section of the site, but they also need to navigate using their clumsy fingers instead of an agile mouse.
  • If you’re writing for a tri-fold brochure, we’re very sorry. Kidding! Make sure your content fits in each panel with comfortable margins and a readable font — and room to fold the paper.

If you have too much content for your medium, you have 2 choices: Cut back your content, or pick a new way to present it. Maybe that content you want in an app really belongs on a full website.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, white space is incredibly important for health content. Make sure that you’re thinking about space from the beginning.

The bottom line: Design starts with content. Think about how your text will work in its space.

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