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True Story of a CommunicateHealth Intern: Part 2

Sami in a meeting with Caroline.This post was written by Sami Cohen.

Ever since high school, I have known I want to study public health. While many of my friends aspire to be nurses and doctors that treat sick patients, I prefer to understand why people get sick and examine how we can prevent sickness in the first place.

During one of my family’s yearly trips to New Hampshire, I had a chance to catch up with my cousin Megan. A junior in high school at the time, I told Megan about how I wanted to study public health in college. I asked her what it was like to work as a public health professional. Megan told me a little bit about her responsibilities as a Content Manager for CommunicateHealth. She made her job seem so cool! I hoped that I would be able to work at a place that I felt passionate about in the future. Little did I know, I would one day have the opportunity to get involved with this awesome company.

Now a junior public health major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I am focusing my studies on 2 key areas: exploring the ways in which social injustice leads to health disparities; and how I can use policy to address these issues on a structural level. CommunicateHealth seemed like a great place for me to further develop my interests and gain some professional experience.

Through my experience as an intern assisting with plain language writing and health research, I have learned how integral clear communication is to preventing disease and promoting healthy lifestyles. This concept has shaped how I view public health, and has even inspired my thesis. Last semester I researched and presented policy alternatives to address poor health literacy in America. The CommunicateHealth team served as a constant source of inspiration and support.


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