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The 2014 ClearMark Awards

ClearMark Award LogoEach year, CommunicateHealth looks forward to the ClearMark Awards — the annual celebration of plain language hosted by our friends at the Center for Plain Language. The ClearMark Awards recognize the very best in clearly written, easy-to-understand materials and websites.

This year, we’re extremely proud to congratulate the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) on their win for Don’t Mess with Mercury, a project that CH supported. Don’t Mess with Mercury is a new website for students and teachers that offers tools and information to prevent mercury poisoning in our schools.

This win is extra exciting because it’s the second CH project to win Best Public Sector Website (the first win was for healthfinder.gov).

Take a look at all the 2014 ClearMark winners.

And the night is never without laughs, particularly when it’s time for the Wondermark awards — which, in the words of the Center, are designed to “expose gobbledygook.” Don’t feel too badly for Wondermark, ahem, winners (a 47-word road sign?!), though: if recipients take steps to improve their writing, they’re eligible for the highly coveted Turn-around Award next year!

So, congratulations to our friends at ATSDR on their win for Don’t Mess with Mercury — and here’s to a terrific night celebrating one of our very, very favorite things.

Cheers to plain language.


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