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Focusing on the User with UXPAdc

Photo of a presenter at UXPAdcTwo CH staffers recently attended UserFocus 2014, the annual meeting of the Washington, DC Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPAdc). Local UX professionals exchanged best practices, lessons learned, and peanut butter cups! Our two big takeaways are:

1. Usability Testing ≠ $$$
When faced with a small budget for usability testing (or even when no money has been built into a project for user testing), you can still find ways to get feedback and catch major issues. Heather Gay, Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, and Liz Odar shared these ideas:

  • First, clarify the goal of testing. For example, what’s the most important task a user needs to complete on your website?
  • Then, create a simplified moderator’s guide to cut the session to just 30 minutes.
  • Look to friends, family, or colleagues to find participants.
  • Finally, try to simplify the analysis process to prioritize what’s needed to improve the tool or site.

2. Qualitative + Quantitative Data = Rich Personas
Jennifer Romano Bergstrom was back with Silvia Salazar to discuss their process for creating Spanish-language personas to inform the development of websites for the National Cancer Institute (NCI). By including quantitative data from sources like the Pew Research Center and U.S. Census Bureau along with health surveillance data, personas more accurately reflected the information use, demographics, and health status of Spanish-language users.

Want to keep adding to your UX toolbox? Check out an event for World Usability Day on November 13!


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