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CH Helps Close the Diaper Gap

Diapers in a shopping cartIn my volunteer work as a doula, I hang out with a lot of babies — and that means a lot of diapers. Sadly, 1 in 3 families struggle to afford diapers, which is very stressful for parents. In the long term, family income, education, nutrition, and health are greatly impacted when this basic need isn’t met. And many of these factors — like income and education — are key predictors for health literacy skills down the road.

That’s one reason why the Diaper Drive we did last month at CH was such an exciting mission for staff — and we certainly rose to the challenge. In fact, CH’s donations amounted to just shy of 3,000 diapers! This amount is expected to help local shelters and family centers affiliated with the Franklin County Diaper Task Force sustain their supply throughout the year.

Families should never be forced to choose between basic needs like diapers, nourishing food, or warm clothes. If you want to help close the diaper gap in your community, I encourage you to reach out to local survival or family centers and organize your own diaper drive.


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