Our Favorite Health Homepages

Illustration of our favorite homepage

A good homepage marries design, content, and usability. But what exactly does that look like? People often ask us for examples — so here are a few homepages that we ❤ and why we ❤ them.

  • ourbodiesourselves.org
    Hooray for actionable buttons and plain language!
  • hioscar.com
    We’re not usually a fan of splash pages, but this one really focuses on a single, clear message — which is important for a young company with a new idea.
  • letsmove.gov
    There’s no question what this website is about — and the colors really make it pop!
  • cancer.org
    This homepage makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for without scrolling endlessly.
  • healthymagination.gehealthcare.com
    When you think of how complicated this homepage could be (diagnostic imaging options, anyone?), you understand what a feat it is that they’ve made it this simple.
  • plannedparenthood.org
    Great colors and a user-friendly design make this one of our favorite homepages.
  • healthcare.gov
    The latest facelift of this one makes it even easier to use.

Every one of these homepages lets you know what the website is about right away — who they are, what they do, and how they want you to feel.

What are your favorites? Share them in the comments below.

The bottom line: There’s no single way to make a perfect homepage, but some really stand out from the crowd — in a good way!


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