Plain Language for Health: A Writing and Design Workshop

Logo for Plain Language for Health: A Writing and Design Workshop

Have you ever wished you could spend 2 whole days learning about plain language, health literacy, and design principles? (It’s been our dream since childhood, obviously.) If that sounds like you, please join us for Plain Language for Health: A Writing and Design Workshop on March 16–17, 2017 in Boston, MA. The workshop is co-sponsored by CommunicateHealth and the Tufts Health Literacy Leadership Institute.

In this workshop, you’ll learn new skills, gain valuable tools, and make lasting connections with other motivated individuals and teams who are committed to communicating health information in ways that people can understand. Visit the website to learn more.

Here’s what some of last year’s participants had to say:

  • “Loved this workshop! Very informative and practical for everyday use.”
  • “Very helpful and interactive. The group activities were great for collaborating and building up ideas.”
  • “This workshop was great! It was obvious that the presenters put a lot of effort into understanding their audience. Thank you!”


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