Things We ❤️: Science Vs.

A doodle wearing headphones holds their phone showing Science Vs. podcast branding.

Here at We ❤️ Health Literacy Headquarters, we’re avid podcast listeners — and you won’t be surprised to learn that health, medicine, and science podcasts are at the top of our listening lists. So you can imagine how excited we were when we discovered a science podcast that presents the facts about a huge variety of (often health-related) topics in a way that’s easy to understand and super fun!

Science Vs. regularly tackles new fads and trends (should we guzzle tons of water to stay healthy?) and dives into long-running debates (do we really need to floss?) The host and producers don’t shy away from more serious topics either (like the misinformation surrounding gender-affirming health care for transgender kids).

No matter the topic, the folks at Science Vs. are pros at explaining it in plain language. In fact, we’ve turned to Science Vs. episodes more than once to help us explain something to our own audiences!

The bottom line: Science Vs. is an entertaining podcast that clearly explains what the science says about a whole host of topics. It’s well worth a listen!

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