Things We ❤️: Society for Health Communication

A doodle holds up a sign with the Society for Health Communication logo.Have you ever felt alone? In need of company on your quest to offer clear health information to your audiences, fighting jargon and misinformation like Don Quixote fought his windmills? Fear not, dear readers — the Society for Health Communication has your back! As the preeminent professional group devoted to health communication, the Society’s goal is to bring together people across the field — public health folks, academics, health care professionals, and others — to advance health communication.

The Society offers a range of professional development options and opportunities to connect:

Some services, like webinar recordings, are available to anyone through the Society’s website. Others, like the job board, are reserved for members — the good news is that right now, it’s free to join as an individual member! If you’re looking to expand your network, boost your professional skills, and connect with your peers, this is a great resource for you.

Or, if health comm is your organization’s bread and butter, you can join as an organizational member for a yearly fee. We’ve heard their members have impeccable taste and are really fun to hang out with. (Okay, full disclosure… we know a lot of them! In fact, our very own Stacy Robison was elected to the 2023 Society leadership team.)

On a slightly more serious note — if there’s ever a time to come together as health communicators, it’s now. Exciting things are happening in the field (ChatGPT, anyone?), and the need for clear, accessible, and accurate health information is ever-present. The best way to keep providing that information to our audiences is to learn from and support each other.

The bottom line: Check out the Society for Health Communication — because we can do more to champion clear health communication when we do it together.

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