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Approach Graphic
Rapid feedback

Whenever possible, we do more tests with fewer people. Our iterative approach:

  • Enlists your target audience as a valued partner in the development lifecycle

  • Reduces the costs and time associated with product/message testing

  • Produces the most valid and reliable findings

  • Results in user-friendly health communication products

Are you ready to take a good, hard look at your health content? We can help.

What content do you have? We want to know all of it. In detail. 

How good is your current content? Is it accessible, actionable, and understandable?

It’s okay not to say everything. Trust us.

Define Your Voice
Give your content some personality.

Be Consistent
Within and across your materials, are you saying the same thing? In the same voice?

What is your plan for keeping your content accurate and up to date? Take care of your content!