Reimagining the Coronavirus Postcard

Alt: A postcard on a table reads, “Slow the Spread of Coronavirus: Guidelines for Americans.”

With all the timely communication about coronavirus happening these days, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve COVID-19 materials.

In fact, dear readers, we went ahead and futzed with a certain postcard material you may have seen in your mailbox:

Alt: A postcard about what to do to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There’s some useful information here about how people can help slow the spread of coronavirus. But we couldn’t help thinking this postcard would be even more useful if it followed some health literacy best practices, like:

The result?

Alt: The same postcard about what to do to help prevent the spread of coronavirus — but redesigned with health literacy best practices in mind.

We hope this kind of exercise can help us all communicate more clearly about coronavirus in the weeks and months to come.

The bottom line: Clear communication is more important than ever — so keep health literacy in mind when you communicate about coronavirus.

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